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28th-Jun-2007 02:04 pm - Play that FuMP-y music...
I already posted this in bipolypagangeek and in my own journal, but I had to put it here, too! Yes, it's making fun of HP and fans thereof, but if you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point in having a sense of humor?

Okay! First we put the text from the site: "July 2007 is like the most awesomest month ever: we get a new Harry Potter movie AND a new Harry Potter book within days of each other. Go ahead - start wetting your pants now. Here's a little something to accompany the warm feeling: a parody of Smash Mouth's 'All Star.'"

Now, we embed... Hee!
25th-Jun-2007 09:56 am - WOMBAT results??
coke & a smile
Did anyone else take the WOMBAT on J. K. Rowling's website? The results were just posted over the weekend, I think.

I got an Outstanding.

I think this means I'm a true Potter maniac.
4th-May-2007 12:26 pm - RL Quidditch?
Okay, so... there are folks trying to make this happen, with the necessary changes. Apparently, some old guy in Scotland had the original idea, but some geeky folks I know here in the states have actually built the Quidditch field and worked with the rules. There are 28 of them -- three teams of 7, 2 extra on each team (in case of injury or just switch-out) and one referee. I'm trying to talk them into filming a match, but apparently they want it "perfect" first. This is not to be confused with the actual ( Muggle Quidditch ) that's already established. This is some friends of mine being geeky and seeing if they can get it closer to the "real" thing
  • Broomsticks become unicycles. Yep, that's right, you wanna play, you learn
  • For a Quaffle, you use one of those easy-grip dodgeballs
  • Keeper and Beaters are on foot, instead of unicycles
  • For Bludgers, they're using two homemade balls and the Beaters use pieces of dowel-rod, but I think softball-sized wiffle balls and the cheapy wiffle bats would work fine (just have a few extra on hand for if they bend). You can throw the Bludgers at the folks on the other team, but you have to defend teammates with the bats
  • Play field works much like hockey -- enclosed completely
  • If the Keeper leaves the goal area, they must mount a unicycle within 10 seconds
  • The Snitch bit is the part that'll be hard to duplicate. The edge of the field has a series of 2-inch diameter holes, one series at 6 inches high, one series at 2 feet high and one series at 5 feet high. Holes are spaced around the perimeter of the field in each series 5 feet apart. The Seekers, on their unicycles, have essentially, whack-a-mole bats and the Snitch will pop out of one of these holes at random, and stay out for a random interval of 5 to 120 seconds, always out of one hole or another
12th-Apr-2007 02:32 pm - Oh, give it up!!
coke & a smile
That Laura Mallory person in Georgia has a hearing with the Superior Court of Gwinnett County, GA, scheduled sometime soon in her attempt to get Harry Potter thrown out of the schools her kids attend.

An open letter to Ms. Mallory:

Give it up, lady. Honestly. What book is next on your list to ban? Huckleberry Finn? To Kill a Mockingbird?

I might have a little more attention to pay to your assertions that the books teach witchcraft and whatever else you say they teach if you'd actually read at least one of them. It says "fiction" on the spine for a reason: It is. If you get wingardium leviosa to make a feather float, I'll quit reading the books, for they will, indeed, be teaching witchcraft.

Harry's is a fantasy world that uses terms we're already familiar with: witch, wizard, spells, potions, owls, broomsticks. That doesn't make the world any less fantastic than Narnia or MiddleEarth. Oh - and if you pay attention to Narnia or MiddleEarth, you'll find quite a lot of similarities between them and Harry's world.

But first you'd have to read the books.

I've read that the real idea is that you want prayer back in schools. Good luck. Don't get me wrong: I'm all for prayer in school; I think the country started to deteriorate rapidly after prayer was removed from school. However, the two ideas aren't mutually exclusive. Praying people read Harry Potter. I'm one of them.

I don't know what you're trying to accomplish by tilting at windmills, but all you're going to accomplish is making yourself look silly.
Today the cover art was revealed, and I just so happened to right-click on it... thought I'd share...


I'll put the full-size image in my gallery -- under "Anything Else"
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