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Hog's Head Inn: Harry Potter Discussion & Spoilers
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This is an open community for all those who would like to discuss Harry Potter. This community is to discuss the contents of the books, cons, movies, and everything else related to Harry Potter- which means this community will be rife with "spoilers". Post your thoughts, theories, and comments here- without having to worry about someone else screaming that you ruined the book for them. ;)

Anything related to Harry Potter or the wizarding world is open for discussion. All we ask is that you don't post slash or fanfic- there are numerous other communities for that. =)

Please don't promote communities here, either, unless you want to exchange links. If interested, contact helenangel.

All are welcome! Pull up a chair, grab a butterbeer, and discuss. =)

If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to our moderators: helenangel & rogue1717